We Only Use Certified Halal Meat Suppliers

March 24, 2014 at 1:18 pm

There has been a lot of controversy lately surrounding some of the big name brands in processed foods and often it feels like every time we switch on our televisions there’s yet another story on the news about meat not being what it should be or about substandard hygiene levels where this food is processed and packaged. Such news does not instil confidence in consumers and it has got many people wondering who they can trust when it comes to food production.

With halal meat products, this lack of confidence can be of great concern as not only do you want to be assured that what you get is of the finest quality, you must also be confident that proper practices and Islamic methods are adhered to. Here at KQF we merit that trust and provide halal sausages and a range of other convenience foods using only the highest quality halal meat.

We Have a British Retail Consortium ‘Grade A’ Rating

The ‘Grade A’ rating we have received under the British Retail Consortium quality standards is testament to our commitment to our customers’ needs. The halal meat we use in our sausages, burgers, kebabs and other convenience foods is sourced only from the most trusted HMC certified suppliers. In addition to ensuring that the meat we use is processed in accordance with strict Islamic law, any non-meat ingredients are also thoroughly checked so that we are certain that these too are carefully prepared to adhere to halal requirements.

Convenience Food Using Only Halal Meat and Ingredients

Here at KQF, we provide chicken burgers using only halal chicken and halal sausages using only certified halal lamb, beef and chicken. This same rule applies to all of our convenience foods and we assure you that in all production and packaging processes, we leave absolutely no room for error; all our suppliers are subject to continuous onsite monitoring, as are we ourselves. We understand that you, as a consumer, want to be sure that you are not compromising your faith and that you need to have trust in your halal food supplier.

We want you to enjoy KQF food for its taste and quality which is why as well as complying with strict halal requirements, the food we provide is full of flavour. We source only the finest ingredients and use authentic recipes from India, South Africa and the Middle East.

Want to Find Out More?

We supply all the most well-known favourites such as halal burgers, sausages and kebabs as well as more specialist halal foods. You can browse all of these in more detail on our website and, if your order exceeds £90.00, delivery is free. You can contact the team at KQF and find out more about the outstanding quality halal meat we use in our products by calling 01254 56699.