Meeting Europe’s Need for Halal Foods

June 19, 2014 at 11:15 am

In previous posts, we’ve reported seeing increasing European demand for foods with reliable halal credentials. This is in line with economic forecasts which suggest that the EU market for halal foods should continue to grow steadily in the coming years. (The market is currently worth around $30 billion in total and its annual growth rate is estimated at approximately 15%.*)

Now, we are seeing even more evidence that this is the case.

Across Europe, Muslims are increasingly looking for high quality halal foods that are convenient but also of a reliable provenance. This is particularly true of a new generation of young, well informed consumers who want proof of manufacturers’ halal claims. Seeking to provide this assurance, there are a number of halal certification bodies now operating on the continent but the UK-based Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) is one of the best known and it certainly enjoys a high degree of respect.

This has been a big factor in our recent expansion in the French market, where our Khan Exotique range of halal burgers, kebabs and sausages is doing very well.

The Halal Food Sector in France

Photo of the fronts of 4 packaging items - halal burgers and halal kebabs

Part of the Khan Exotique range of certified halal foods for the French and European markets.

France has the largest Muslim population in Europe – a little under 5 million – and its halal food sector is worth about  $8 billion per annum.* Allowing for exchange rates, this is broadly comparable to the HMC’s estimate of the value of the UK halal food market, which it puts at between £4.2 and £5 billion.

France is therefore an important market for KQF and our Exotique products are our way of reaching out to it. Like all our foods, they are manufactured in Britain under the full time supervision of an independent HMC inspector. This gives customers real confidence in the integrity of our products and, on the strength of it, our French distributors have recently secured an important listing with Le Clerc FRANCE – one the largest hypermarket chains in the country.

Le Clerc is headquartered in Ivry-sur-Seine and currently has more than 500 stores in France. Not only that but it also operates a further 114 outlets outside of the country and it is growing quickly. The listing of our products with such a significant player in the industry gives us an excellent means of introducing our halal certified halal sausages, burgers, kebabs and other convenience foods to an entirely new group of European customers.

Developing Halal Foods for Europe and the UK

The products in the Exotique range are similar to those in the KQF Classic range although some of the spice blends have been adjusted to appeal more directly to a European palate. The blends are all based on authentic recipes from South Africa, India and the Middle East but in some cases, the ‘heat’ level has been reduced to suit Europeans with a taste for slightly milder foods.

Although the Exotique range was created for consumers on the continent, some of its products will soon be made available in the UK as part of the KQF Gourmet range of world foods. Though still in the  developmental stages, this new range of Gourmet burgers and other products will ultimately feature flavours from many different parts of the world – countries such as Mexico, Morocco and the Far East. More details will be published in due course.

In the meantime, we aim to keep building our European markets with the help of our supply chain partners and specialist agents such as Jerome Ferrieres, who played a key role in securing the recent deal with Le Clerc. We hope to bring you a guest blog from Jerome some time soon.

Increasing market awareness about the importance of proper halal certification is undoubtedly moving things in a very positive direction – not only for KQF but also for all those Muslim consumers who want greater assurance about the integrity of their food.

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* (Figures from USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, November 2013.)