Making the Most of Marinated Meats

August 26, 2014 at 12:36 pm

Making the Most of Marinated Meats

We’ve talked a lot in the past about some of our best known products – halal burgers and sausages and so on – but with the summer holidays and barbecue season now fast approaching, perhaps it’s time we looked at another KQF favourite that hardly ever gets a mention.

Marinade Sauces

Based on customer feedback from the KQF superstore, summer is a time when families really make good use of marinated meats. Barbecues, grills, stir fries and many other dishes can all really benefit from a good marinade, which adds flavour and also helps to tenderise the meat.

In store, we offer a 4-step process whereby customers choose their meat, choose their marinade, choose the pack size and then take the ready packed, ready coated meat home for cooking. However, there is absolutely no reason why families in other parts of the country shouldn’t be able to enjoy exactly the same choices. KQF offers all kinds of ready-prepared marinated meats and a range of delicious marinade sauces that can be delivered anywhere in mainland Britain. They are perfect for lamb, beef and chicken, as well as fish and vegetables.

Marinated Meat – Cooking Tips:

Here are a few tips for making the most of your marinades.

  • Marinades are great for keeping food moist and stopping meat from drying out when exposed to high heats (e.g. on a barbecue grill).
  • They are very cheap and effective ways of adding depth and complexity to the flavour of meat. They are especially effective on more economical cuts.
  • Most marinades contain an acid ingredient that helps to make meat more tender. This makes the meat more succulent and helps it to absorb more flavour.
  • To encourage the marinade to penetrate the meat, the surface can be lightly scored with a knife.
  • On larger cuts, marinades can be applied and left overnight to impart maximum flavour.
  • Fish should be marinated for only a short time before cooking – no more than 30 minutes to an hour. This is because the acids in the marinade can tend to start to ‘cook’ the fish meat and so marinating for longer than this can sometimes make the fish soft and doughy.
  • For the same reason, many home cooks believe that poultry should not be marinated overnight; some regard 3 hours as a sensible limit for chicken but others are happy to marinate poultry for up to 24 hours. This is ultimately a matter of personal choice.
  • When marinating, turn the meat regularly so that all parts of the surface are equally coated.
  • Always marinate meats in a covered container and leave it in the fridge. (Leaving meats at room temperature can encourage the growth of harmful bacteria.)
  • Use a ceramic or glass container for marinating meat. Avoid metal containers, which can react badly with the acids and leave a harsh taste. Plastic containers are generally okay for short periods but they can be subject to staining. Food grade plastics should be used because these will not tend to taint the food. Some cooks like to use re-sealable plastic bags because these allow the marinade to be massaged into the meat without making a mess.

As a bit of background research for this blog post, we asked our resident consumer food expert, Mohammed Shafi from the KQF Superstore, which meat cuts were most popular when it came to marinating. Shafi Bhai reported that, judging by recent sales, the most popular were, in order:


1. Lamb Chops

2. Chicken Drumsticks

3. Chicken Fillets

4. Chicken Tikka

5. Lamb Ribs

6. Chicken Wings

Using the four-step service, customers are combining these cuts with the following KQF Marinade Sauces:



1. Spicy (Hot)

2. Lemon and Herb (Mild)

3. Piri Piri (Hot)

4. Piri Piri Brai (Hot)

5. Portuguese (Moderate to Hot)

If anyone would like to suggest their own favourite marinade recipes, please feel free to share them either here on this blog or via our Facebook page.

Enjoy the summer!