An Expanding Market for Halal Certified Foods

April 30, 2014 at 11:09 am


Europe has been figuring prominently in KQF’s recent activities. As a result of attending trade exhibitions, forging new alliances and agreeing new supply deals over the course of the last year, we have found many more British customers for our range of halal-certified burgers, sausages and other convenience foods. Interestingly, however, there also seems to be a marked increase in demand within European countries for foods with proven halal credentials.

In the UK, the work of halal certification bodies such as the HMC and EHDA has helped to raise awareness about the need for independent testing and monitoring of the halal food supply chain. This kind of scrutiny has helped to ensure that whatever food reaches the customer’s plate is genuinely and reliably halal. Well-publicised supply chain failures such as the ‘horse meat scandal’ pointed to the need for such monitoring work – ideally in the form of full-time, on-site supervision rather than just a system of unannounced spot checks.

Halal Certified Foods

KQF produces halal convenience foods that are certified by the HMC. To earn this certification, we pay a significant annual fee to keep an independent HMC inspector stationed permanently at our premises in order to monitor the source of incoming ingredients and to ensure that only those of  proven provenance enter the production process. More information about how the HMC safeguards the integrity of certified products can be found on its website but it is certainly true to say that the presence of an HMC logo on our foods gives our customers much-needed confidence and reassurance.

Halal Foods in Europe

What KQFis more remarkable is that, in Europe, customer awareness about issues of halal integrity and potential contamination is growing rapidly. In France, Germany and other countries, Muslim consumers have experienced the same supply chain problems as those in the UK and so many of them have begun to look more closely at the question of certification and which bodies they can trust.

The HMC appears to have an excellent reputation overseas and, as a result, we are seeing steadily increasing demand for our halal certified foods. On the 8th and 9th of April, for example, we attended the Halal Expo 2014 in Paris, a major international trade exhibition where we won many new clients and received exceptionally positive feedback in our customer taste tests. With the help of a specialist French distributor, we are now supplying to some of the largest supermarket chains in France, our export sales are rising quickly and interest is spreading to other EU nations.

Our European links are also being strengthened as we conduct new product development work with a certified halal ingredients specialist in Germany. The company is helping us to develop new flavour blends for halal sausages, kebabs and chilled meats products that are destined for overseas markets as part of our KQF Exotique range.

Contact KQF for More Information about Halal Foods

Whether you’re an individual consumer or a purchaser for a large organisation, you can be sure that all KQF products are certified halal. For more details about our complete range of convenience foods – including specialist products for wholesale clients – please contact our customer support team on 01254 56699.